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Access security that
is simple to use and
easy to deploy

Access security that is simple to use and easy to deploy

OneIDLab Zero Trust Security Platform


Access security that is simple to use and
easy to deploy

OneIDLab Zero Trust Security Platform

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OneID Lab’s technology is uniquely engineered to secure and manage identities. OneID Card is an unclonable decentralized hardware security element that is tied to the physical identity of a person.

Our software platform provides secure provisioning and seamless rollout that simplifies current onboarding and off-boarding processes.

Funded by In-Q-Tel, the United States Department of Defense, the Electrical Power Research Institute and Jaguar Land Rover to enable the highest levels of security while increasing agility and reducing operating costs. OneIDLab enables a Zero Trust posture with decentralized identity-based encryption keys coupled with strong provisioning in an easy to deploy managed service. OneIDLab technology is protected by over 20 patents.

My employees love it — Just tap and go!

Adam Turco, CPA – President Primetrics



Companies today are challenged to provide a simple, convenient and secure solution for employees to login to their devices, networks and applications at home and in the office. Many existing solutions are difficult to use, while others are costly. As attacks on Multi-factor Authentication increase, weaknesses in security Are becoming apparent.

OneIDLab’s Card has the latest generation hardware and, together with secure on-boarding and off-boarding, provides highest levels of security assurance.

  • ENERGYHigh Efficiency
  • EASYPush Button Easy

A novel ID card enabling push-button authentication. See More

Multi-factor or passwordless sign-on following FIDO standards. See More

Physical access to buildings, machines and equipment. See More

Bluetooth-enabled encrypted vehicle access. See More


The OneID Access solution has the capability to revolutionize how remote access is performed and secured for remote workers (IT), and remote management (IT/OT).

  • ACCESS Secure High Value Assets
  • DESIGN Layered Controls
  • EFFICIENT Session Control, Analytics and Audits

Secure Remote Access with decentralized credentials and centralized management

OneID Access moves authentication policies to an automated, hardware-based solution which eliminates vulnerabilities and is less costly to administer than complicated and insecure software-based strategies for secure remote access. The solution also includes the option for hardware-based access control within a building or plant, providing seamless logical and physical controls. Near real-time monitoring of access to components and systems within an organization, coupled with session control, provides confidence when enabling remote access. See More

Employee’s value OneIDLab’s easy to use integrated physical and logical access card.

Bob Deasy, President – LeadIT Consulting


Inspired by the belief in empowering employees everywhere, OneIDLab was built to help companies implement easy to use, highly effective security solutions.

Protected by 20+ patents, our technology is uniquely engineered to secure and manage identities with the most advanced Zero Trust architecture.

OneIDLab is based in Camas, Washington USA.

    As an accounting firm, trust and security are a must. OneID Card is so simple to use; it has increased our efficiency, simplified workflows and greatly increased our security.

    Adam Turco, CPA – President Primetrics